Thursday, July 13, 2017

Getting the most from your Spa time...

Going to the Spa is one of my top 5 things I enjoy.  Since cutting back on my spa sessions, I really learned to cherish my spa time.  No more  trying to squeeze a spa hour in my busy schedule or fighting traffic to get back to work.  Rushing in and out of the spa takes the pleasure out of the whole experience. I know it's not easy to escape from our busy lifestyles but we owe ourselves time to reboot.   Look at Spa time as a date with yourself.  When scheduling time at the spa, block out at least 3 hours.  That's enough time for 2 hour services and a hour to relax.   

Dry Sauna 

Shower, shave and body scrub in the wet Sauna
First service

Snack and relax 
Second service 

Since I always use a groupon, I get $50 to spend in store. 

Always saving money...  

At home Spa cart addition... LOL

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