Thursday, May 25, 2017

10 Ways I prepared for Unemployment

 Since I have been on a financial Diet, I have cut my spending down, paid off debt, and saving more money.  At the same time do things that makes me happy.
Starting in the Spring 3 Months I am not working so I have to tighten my budget even more. Here are 10 ways I prepare for unemployment

1. Pay off credit card debt, 
2. Cancel subscription 
3. Cut expenses 
4. Pay up as many expenses for 2-3 months 
5. Cut back on spending 
6. Sell any and everything 
7. Work Side hustles 
9. Use Groupons, gift card and Fun Jar
10. Saved money

This is when I rely on savings, selling stuff and working my side hustles.  I also rely on reward programs to supplement my purchases and Groupons, gift cards and Fun Jar for activities.  During this time I challenge myself to save money.  Who saves money while they are unemployed?  Since I paid some expenses 2 months ahead, I only have one full month of bills to pay.  That way I am not stressing over money during these 3 months I am off.   

Now  that I prepare myself for unemployment I can relax a little and have fun playing in my closet.




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