Saturday, April 15, 2017

Another Stamp in my passport

 It's that time again, my favorite time of year.  Traveling and explorer new places, first stop  Dominican Republic.  

 This soon became a adventure when I realized I left all my cash and credit cards at home.  Luckily I paid for my entire trip and my accommodations was all-inclusive.  So in reality I really did not need any money.  

I found me a spot on the beach and  soaked up some sun.. 

Hangout at the pool for hours.



Relaxed on the balcony and enjoyed the sights.

Even though, I did not have any money to explore Puna Cuna I was happy just to getaway and relax and rest for 5 days.  Just what I needed.  Another lessons learned.  Lesson 12  never get drunk night before traveling.  Checkout the other 11 Rockie Mistakes I Made While Traveling


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