Sunday, February 26, 2017

Valentines Month Haul Week 3 and 4

 Week two haul was all about more self-gifting with new Gucci, jeans, Louis Vuitton, Chanel and cosmetics.  Checkout my video

 Week three and four was more about relaxing, pampering myself,  and few gift to end Valentines Month with a bang.  I have been grinding very hard for the last two months trying to pay off my credit card debt so I needed to find ways to relax, pamper myself and shop without adding to my debt. The weekends are the hardest because by the end of the week I want some kind of reward for all my hard work.  I want to hangout with friends, go shopping and eat out. So instead of going out, I found ways to reward myself without busting my budget.  


I love relaxing by the fire, it's something about it that is very soothing.  After hectic week I plan a spa night at home relaxing by the fireplace.

Am am so obsessed with Spa essential, I usually buy back up for back up.  So when I really need to relax, I have everything I need..

Instead of going out with friends invite them over for snacks and Movie.  Everyone bring their favorite snacks and drinks.  Very inexpensive but lots of fun.


Getting ready for my 2017 travels, new bathing suit, hat, white jeans, sneakers and Chanel Earrings.  All this hard work is paying off.  Using all my loyalty programs, sold some items and returned a few items all I spent was $630 for 2017 Valentines Month Haul.   Yes, I could have use that money towards my debt but instead I rewarded myself every step of the way.  Stay tuned for my 2027 financial update.

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