Wednesday, February 8, 2017

2017 Valentines Month Haul week One

First Valentines Month gift is;
Gucci Betis Glamour Slides
Instead of celebrating Valentines Day, I celebrate Valentines Month.  No need to wait to show your love ones how much you care, when you can do it all month and year long.   Since I been on my debt free journey I have been cutting back on spending which has aloud me to pay off my debt faster. Checkout my progress I not finished yet but it's time to reward myself for all the hard work.   No I am not adding to my debt, or busting my budget.  I have cleaned  out my Fun Jar, store rewards cards and returned a few items.  Only self gifting things that makes me happy while staying on track with my finances.  
Second gift;


 Weekend Getaway   
Place:   Denver Colorado 
Flight:   $106.40
Accommodations: Free
Budget:  $150
I am ready for some Adventure.  Mile High City here I come.
I could not believe I found. Round trip ticket on Frontier Airline for $ 106.40.  No check bag fee or carrying on fee and no seat fee.  Bear bones travel, only taking my Neverful Louis Vuitton carryall, and seating in the back.  I am so excited I really needed a low cost getaway.   


To keep cost down I met up with some friends, couch surfed and only ate a low cost places.  With all the saving, I still was able to experience a Korean Spa in Denver. I am happy to say I did not go over my budget.  


Time to get naked....  
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