Sunday, January 15, 2017

January To Do List

After I determined what my 2017 goals are, I compile a list of action to complete every month to stay on track to meet my goals. I use each month to make baby steps toward accomplishing each goals.

Starting the New Year off on a good note by getting organized, making extra money, paying down debt, investing and getting together tax paper work. I call this my dry month, no unnecessary spending in January. 

January To Do List:

  1. Paying down debt
  2. Start contributing to my IRA
  3. Gathering tax paper work
  4. Research, buy stock shares

My Job is ending in 5 weeks so I need to pay off my American Express asap. I do not need any unnecessary money going out while I am not working. Keeping all fixed expenses low as possible.

Plan of Action: 
  • Detox my closet
  • Sell items
  • Work on weekends
  • Throw all extra cash toward debt 
  • No shopping

All the items I am selling on EBay...

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