Sunday, January 8, 2017

2016 Investment Challenge Results

The last 6 months had been very hard to stay focused on my Investment Challenge. Between moving, becoming a landlord, my birthday, unexpected car repairs and rental property repairs. No wonder I was able to save anything. 

After returning from my Spring travels to my surprise we were moving back to our other house. That was the beginning of unexpected spending. After moving, repairs had to be done on my house before the renter could move in.  No shopping was easy until my birthday month . Of course I went over board with Chanel Fanny pack and Gucci Slides. Next there were unexpected car repairs and then more rental property repairs.

Even though there were a lot of unexpected money spent I am happy to announce 98% of my 2016 Challenge was reach.

  1. Invested 11,000 by 12/31/16. 
  2. Bought stocks and a mutual fund.
  3. Build dividend income to 211.44 year ($1788.56 to go).
  4. Build up passive monthly income 868 ($132 to go).

2016 was a amazing year financially. Saving almost 45% of my income. Learning to face my fears and not let the unknown keep me from learning new ways to make my money work for me. Every step of the way I was learning and investing at the same time. No I not rich, but starting the year of with one stock, 0 dividends to end the year with 7 stocks, one mutual fund and $211.44 in dividends is a good start.

No, it was not easy and I still have a long way to go so I am going to continue this Investment Challenge for 2017.


2017 Investment Challenge

Invest 10,000 by 12/31/17.

Buy index funds

Build dividend income to 2000 year ( long term )

Biuld up passive monthly income 1000 month

This year I am buying less and saving more, no more buying disposable clothes. No more buying clothes just because I want something new. I will use what I have in my closet and get rid of stuff I don't use or need. Getting my money worth in 2017.

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