Saturday, June 25, 2016

Chanel Shopping in Tokyo

When I was ask to go to Thailand, I spent many weeks researching things to do, see and eat. I even located two Chanel shops to visit in between my adventures. I could not wait to ride an elephant. Not even the 19 hours total flight time did not scare me, I was prepare. Plans changed and I could not reach my destination, now what? Do I get mad, or do I turn this into a big adventure. After traveling 13 hours nothing was going to stop me from enjoying Japan. Knowing nothing about Japan, I had a lot of research to do fast.
    After, much needed rest and research the hunt was on. Leaving my hotel on a rainy day at 8 am. Traveingl on 1 bus ride, 3 train connection and 1 hour walk wondering around I finally found it at 130 pm. Vintage Brand Shop Qoo . The long hike was worth it....
Next Stop Chanel boutique
Sky Tree view
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