Thursday, April 21, 2016

Chanel Travel Buddy

Can you think of one item in your wardrobe that can be worn either in warm or cold weather and can add style to any outfit?

This Chanel Cashmere Wool blend large Scarf has been my travel buddy for over a year an half. It has covered me up from the heat in Greece, beach in Jamaica, brutal cold in Colorado and winds in the Netherlands. Best self gifted pre loved birthday present ever. I never knew that this scarf would be so multifunctional.
Light weight enough to block the sun without making you hot.
Large enough to wear as a sarong and give any bathing suit a designer touch.
Thick enough to block out the cold and give you a little Diva style.
Easy to carry just in case whatever happens you are prepared.
Even after all the traveling not one snag or hole, worth every penny.
Large scarf Collection
Black Classic Gucci (Netherlands) new never worn
Black and Grey Chanel (pre loved)
Multi Colored Gucci (Saks)

New addition for summer, I will review after a few trips.

Update from Europe: not made for cold weather and snags very easily. Nothing will never take the place of my Chanel travel Buddy. Me and my Chanel for life












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