Tuesday, December 23, 2014


There's nothing like planning a Great Escapes during or after the Holiday Season...

Being able to travel and go to different destinations do not require a lot of money. It takes research, research, and more research. Here are the five steps that I take when planning my Great Escapes.

  1. Start off useing and doing research with Groupon, LivingSocial and Expedia. These three companies take the guesswork out of finding great inexpensive hotels and getaways. Once, I find a few, hotel destinations, compare the prices and make sure travel dates are available. Read reviews on each hotel property. Always email the property direct to see if the travel dates is available.
  2. This is when all the shopping you did all year give back. Use Frequent flyer miles, even if you don't have enough for free ticket you can use miles to deduct from the price of the flight. Search flights to see what days are the cheapest to travel. Best days to book is on Tuesday or Wensday. If the dates are available then purchased the deal and book the hotel and flight.
  3. Don't forget about ground transportation, when traveling solo or to a new destination it best to book before traveling or at the airport depending on your research results.
  4. To insure your vacation will be filled with exploring and discoverying all the destination has to offer read about it.. Now it time to plan activities, booking them ahead less cash you need when traveling.
  5. Confirm flight, hotel, ground tranportation and activities before you arrive that way you can focus on relaxing and enjoying yourself.


Five days in Cancun Mexico for less than $113 a night priceless.

See you there......


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