Saturday, September 20, 2014

Recycling your Closet...

  • Getting rid of unwanted items
  • Useing old gift cards
  • Getting new stuff
  • Saving money
  • Enjoying the whole process

All I spent out of pocket is $102.

This year I decided to spend my birthday differently, normally I spend a whole lot of money going away and buying myself gifts. But this year I decided to spend money that's already spent. Meaning find things to sell in my closet and useing that money to buy my gifts. After searching through my closet I found: cracked Ipad mini, Chanel Espadrilles, denim jacket, slip-ons, denim jump suit, and desert Boots. After a week these items sold....

To save even more I try to spend my money where I have shopping points from shopping for the show.

Stay tune for my next closet sale, making room for more fashionable stuff.



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