Friday, May 30, 2014

OMG I saved $659 month....



I am off work for a few months, Now I have less money coming in and more time to pay attention to how It's being spent.

Which bills can get lower or eliminated?

Cell phone $130.

My cell phone contract ended so I decied to shop around. To my amazement I found a cheaper service with no contract. Changing cell phone companies, dropped my bill to $65.

Cable $138.

I don't watch to much t.v., so I decied to cut back on Cable channels. Basic Cable and internet is all I need. Doing that lower my cable bill to $112.

X's Car $233.

Finally I sold my X's car and now I'm down to 3 more payment and it's paid off. F.Y.I never, never, repeat never buy, cosign, or go half on a car for anyone. Because when they can't or won't pay for the car you have too. I was blessed to be able to afford the unwanted expense but now it's SOLD.... Lesson learned!

Student loan $332.

Since 2007 I have been paying extra on my Student Loan and I am happy to say I will be making my last payment in June. Paying it off early will save me $332. Thank God...

Just doing these four things lower my monthly expenses $659. What can you do to lower your expenses?








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