Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Outlet Shopping in Firenze, Italy

Walking into the bus station gave me a flashback to 2004, my first trip to Firenze. I woke up from a night out to find my two roommates upset because the other girls in the group left them behind. So being the adventurer, I found a shopping outlet an hour and half outside of Firenze. Not speaking the language we managed to find our way to the bus station and brought tickets. Later, that evening the entire group met up for dinner to talk about everyone's day. The look on their faces when we walked in draped down in our designer goods was priceless. We were the talk of the night not even the tour guide knew about The Mall.
Now 10 years later,I am here once again, I came a long way just to shop. This time the bus is full of eager shoppers with big suitcases from all over the world. A round trip ticket fare is 10 Eur and buses leave every half hour or every hour. The Mall had just open in 2004 so there wasn't that many store open yet, but I found me a pair of Gucci sandlal for about $70. I hope I can find another deal like that this time.
This place has change their are many stores now.
OMG the Gucci and Prada store are huge.
After all that excitement it's time to sit and eat.
I found some great deals, me and my girls will be back next year.

Shopping in Firenze is the best, it was worth the trip. Stay tune to find out what I brought.


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