Thursday, April 17, 2014

Flying Solo

Research, research, research that's where I always start. After all the reading, videos and saving I finally decied to go back to Europe flying solo. Getting prepare was a task on its own. So many unanswered questions :
Where am I going Netherlands, France, Italy, Germany and United Kingdom.
What will I do shop of course.
Where will I stay? Best place to start is house I love it becuse it have all types of housing from share a houseing to your own private place at every budget.
How long will I be there 21 days
After weeks of planning I finally have all my travel details booked.
Checklist for the major essentials:
Passport, visa if needed, small amount of currency for every country you will visit. I prepaid for everything that way I don't have to walk around with a lot of cash.
Don't forget to pick up adapters because every country have different power voltage and also bring extra power cord just in case you lose one.
The eurail is a easy way to travel around Europe, but you have to orders the pass before your trip. FYI all counties are not enclude and you may have to make reservations at additional cost.
Since, I will be moving around a lot I decided to take a rolling backpack. Great for places with no elevators and moving on and off transportation.

Now it the hard part, fitting my clothes in this......... OMG

Part 2 soon... Travel with a sister


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