Saturday, April 19, 2014

Flying Solo part 2 Only Bare Essentials ...

Finally, I save the hard part for last, what will I pack for my International shopping tour in Europe. After all the toasting and turning and withdraws my goal was simple keep my backpack light as possible. Only bare essential and items that pull double duty.
I decided to take my obsession this Season; jumpsuit, overalls and mechanic coveralls. I love the option of adding a top or not... Great effortless dressing.
Two pair of comfortable boyfreind jeans and a none jean option.
Picking one pair shoe was hard, sneaker wedges is a perfect choice because I can dress them up or down and they are comfortable to wear all day and in the rain. These DIY Fur Birkenstocks has become my traveling companion, not only are they stylish, comfortable, they also help going through security at the airport Faster. On pair high waisted legging and a few of my favorite button front shirts and t shirts for layering.
Jean jacket
Two trench coat, a heavy all weather one for colder weather and a light weigh one for layering.
Remember only pack what you really can't live without in travel sizes. Think of you bag space as valuable real-estate.
Test out the weight to make sure you can lift it alone.


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