Friday, April 25, 2014

Diva on the move in Paris

Waking-up in Paris I was so excited, to finally be here shopping in Paris, I never imagine that I would be here all alone. After, getting myself together to stroll the fabulous streets of Paris, I decied to walk the 2.5 miles to my destination instead of cabing it. Words could not express the feeling of excitement, joy, and antisapation of shopping at Les marches Catherine B. Being able see a great Vintage Chanel and Hermes Collection in one place is great. I have read many things about Les marches Catherine B they only buy Chanel and Hermes pieces that are no longer in production. After getting lost, decied to duck into a cafe to rest my feet and eat lunch. To my surprise I was only 5 min away from my destination. When I arrived, the door was locked but I could see people inside. I taped on the glass an a very handsome man open the door and preceded to tell me that I could come in I needed to make an appointment. My heart dropped, oh hell no, I did not come this far to take that. I politely asked if I could make an appointment he gave me his card and said call later but he is not making any promises. I am so disappoint but I am not going to let that stop me.

The next day I called a few times no answer, so I waited and called again! Being persist paid off, when I finally reached him he told me to come by now and off I went

Achat Imme'diat was very charming we talked about vintage Chanel and my Collection. This place is fantastic, it was worth the wait the Collection was amazing and now I know what I should be adding to my Collection.
Could not missing visiting the first Chanel location 31 rue cambon chanel
Loving the Chanel window treatment, I want to live in the Chanel building!

OMG their is a Chanel store on almost on every other corner.

This is a Chanel Lover city

Now it's time to see some sites



I had a wonderful time in Paris!

Stay tune for more adventure... Diva on the move


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