Thursday, February 13, 2014

My Valentine....

Every year I am always looking for ways to make my Valentne Day exciting and new. This year I decied to spend my pre Valentine in New York City during Fashion Week.
When choosing my traveling outfit, I stick to items that has no belts,shoes that slip on and off easily. I Always wear my heaviest coat to save space in my luggage. Don't forget a bright compack wallet to keep all your travel documents, together. Which makes everything easily accessible can even be worn as a clutch.
Since I am going to the city I chose, good walking ankle Bootie, bodysuit, sweatshirt, boot cut jeans and skinny printed jeans.
When hanging out with my girl friends, I never no where we will end up in our pjs. Onesie are so right now and they can also be wear as thermals if needed.
The Hudson Hotel great place to stay during Fashion Week close to The shows,shopping and great food. Great place to hangout and meet people.

After meeting up with my girl Chenelle catching up over drink and checking into our room it was time to hit the town..

First stop

Museum at The Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT)

Tendology exhibit Showing until-April 30, 2014

Trends may come and go, but in the fashion industry nothing ever really goes out of style for too long. Trend-ology focuses on a 250-year-old trend cycle—starting in the 18th century—and follows the emergence (and reemergence) of trends up into the current period. This exhibition features 100 flash-in-the-pan pieces including a tartan dress made in the early 1700s, a chunky gold Chanel necklace inspired by Salt-N-Pepa and a Murakami-designed Louis Vuitton satchel that was replicated ad nauseam. The show also touches on how trends develop and spread through various channels such as art, music and film, and how fast-fashion stores like H&M and Zara have contributed to the world of passé and beguiling trends.

Next stop 34th street. Shop, shop shop.....
Hanging in the lobby in my Onesie...
Last minute touch ups from NYFW first aid kit, before we hitting the town. For Dinner, Drinks and Dancing. (Mac Heroine lipstick)

Portion was just my size and this was the best burger I ever had.



The name is short for "steak," and the restaurant, ominously located down the street from Pastis and across from Buddha Bar, this is a trendy chophouse for the feminine set. There’s a lounge area in the middle of the room and their is a DJ.

The Griffin is the best Hip Hop club I been to in a long time. Great music spend the night dancing and enjoying VIP Booth with our perfect Gentelmen. Thanks guys
The Griffin


A collaboration between the mixologists behind Milk & Honey and Little Branch, the Griffin is a sleek rebranding of the old PM space. Don’t expect a mellow vibe and artisanal cocktails, however; the atmosphere here is anything but subdued. The target demographic consists of salt-and-pepper professionals whose bubbles never burst; bouncers boast the crispest suits in the room, and VIP booths – elevated, with blue banquettes .

There is nothing like spending time doing the things you love with friends in New York City during Fashion Week no matter what day it is. My Valentine is everyday... Don't wait for someone else to bring you joy on Valentine or any day, do what makes you happy everyday


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