Sunday, December 22, 2013

Dealing with a breakup during the Holidays..

Dealing with a breakup is never easy but dealing with it during the holidays can turn your whole world upside down. You will have all sorts of painful, unsettling feelings to deal with, during everyone else happy season. Even if you wanted the breakup or not there are many things you can do to to survive a breakup during holidays and begin to move on.

Don't lay around feeling sorry for yourself. It's not the end of the world,,,

After all the crying, yelling and screaming, get yourself together and go out. Do anything with in reason to keep busy.

Looking good always make you feel better.

Make yourself get up and go some where? Even better if you brought your man gifts for the Holiday return all that shit and buy yourself a nice gift... Lol

No matter how you feel, remember you are a Diva for life....
Breakups are never easy, but you have to remember that the pain will not last forever and you have to love yourself more than you love anyone else.
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