Saturday, July 13, 2013

Trip from hell...

Summer is here and it's time to plan few trips. Over the years I have learned I like traveling alone. Even though sometimes I want company, I have learned how to make my trips full of adventure even traveling solo. Here is a few travel tips that will get you started

Years ago I went on vacation with a few friends to Hawaii islands for 10days. Never expecting the trip from hell.

Night 1


I flew in last so everyone had all day to explore. No one did any thing, they claimed they waited all day and evening for me to arrive. That should have been a sign that this was going to be a trip from hell. As soon as I arrived attitude and questions started. Why is your room bigger? You have drinks already? Why didn't you wait on us? I look passed all the craziness and decide to go get dinner since I just flown 10 hours to get to paradise. At dinner, she can't eat here, she can't eat there, 2 hour later we finally got something in our stomachs.


Day 1


I wake up early so I go out exploring Wiki shopping district enjoying Chanel Boutique on every corner two hours later drama starts all over again. After dealing with the drama for a few more day I decided to separate and enjoy the last four days alone. I decide from that experience on that I was going follow these simple tips when planning a trip. Don't let a few minor detail spoil your few days of vacation.


When looking for travel companion look for someone who;

Have similar likes and dislikes

Expect the same from the trip

Has their own money


Questions to ask;

Find out what the expect from the trip

What activities is going to be planned

Who paying for what


When planning trip details;

Research locations

Read reviews

Stay close to hot spots

Plan activities that everyone wants to do if not give then options to do something


Plan out every detail from transportation to and from airport.


Safety tips

Never let anyone know you are alone or what room you are staying in.


I hope these tips will help you plan more trips. Now get to planning...





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