Thursday, July 4, 2013

Packing less for the best weekend getaway.

Packing light can be a challenge but if you use these simple rule it will become a breeze .


Pick pieces you can wear day to night

Color coordinate your wardrobe

Bring extra coordinate separates to take bath suit from pool to night. Bring what ever is necessary to Change your bath suit into outfit.

I love wearing this strip sheer knit top as a dress to change my bathing suit into a sexy night out outfit.

Items to pack


  1. Jeans or long dress for the airport, nights, or cooler weather.
  2. Shorts to change into when arrive at the hotel or with bath suit.
  3. Dress light weigh and easy to style, loose and comfortable.
  4. Button up is always my weather jacket. Use to cover up from the sun, or prepare you for the evening chill.
  5. 2 Scarves one for bad hair days and second one to cover up from sun or chill.
  6. 2pairs of shoes flats to run around in and wedges they can be worn day to night easy and comfortable.
  7. Accessories makes big statement so choose them wisely. I usually wear all the jewelry I will be wearing during my trip. I just take way pieces cording to my liking.


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