Wednesday, May 15, 2013


I am always looking for new products to keep me looking and feeling good about myself and looking sexy for my husband..LOL. Since I am on vacation this is the perfect time to try new things. The Eye Lashes Extensions seem to be very popular trend so I deiced to try the them. CHANEL, CHANEL, CHANEL New Glossimers shade had to try it. My hair is very fine so I am always looking for a good hair spray to hold up against any type of humidity.

  • CHANEL GLOSSIMERS ARAGONITE 151 Clear shine with pink shimmer (Repromoted)
  • SHAPER FIERCE Ultra-firm finishing hair spray
Starting my day with a fresh face.
OMG This New CHANEL Glossimers clear shine with pink shimmer is the perfect touch to a natural look, it give you a nice sparkly finish. This shade is a great addition to my lipstick wardrobe, it looks good over every shade.

Loving my New Natural Eyelash Individual Extensions, short to medium length, which gives a more natural look. NO MAKEUP Cost $45, last 2-3 weeks Weekly fill-in $25 to remove without damaging your lashes use Vaseline.

This hair spray lives up to it's name SHAPER FIERCE... Not only did my hair hold up all day on the beach, my hair wasn't sticky or hard. AMAZING PRODUCT.


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