Sunday, March 3, 2013

Update 30 Days of No Shopping

  These last 30 days has been a learning experience, it made me take notice of my bad spending habits and turn it into extra cash. 
Instead of spending my money, I have been taking advantage of all my rewards cards.  I signed up for each store rewards and earn points for all the shopping I do for the TV Shows I work on.   The points I earn turns into free stuff.  So now when I want to shop I spend my reward points instead of cash.  

Last month I started cleaning out my closet and selling unwanted items.  I have earned $ 90. so far from items that was just taking up space.   Since I spent less money last month  I was able to save more,  pay off my last Chanel purchase and make some extra cash.  I enjoyed this project so much I going to continue for another 30 days.   I am on my way to a Debt free Summer.

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