Monday, March 25, 2013

The Road My Gucci's have Traveled....

Every chance I get to getaway from the cold weather, all the hustle and bustle of working 12 hour days, I take it. Since, I had a four day weekend I decide to go to Negril Jamaica to relax, spend time with my man and soak up some sun.

Day 1

Checked into Negril Tree House Resort, after getting beach ready I hung out at the pool bar and relaxed with some red strip. Later that evening we headed to The Jungle Night club and danced the night away with the locals until 4:30 am. Before heading back to hotel we stopped again and ate some delicious jerk chicken from street vendors which is always a great treat either before the club or after.


Started my day early with video taping and pic's for my blog. After having a great lunch at the hotel on the beach, I soaked up some more sun and than ended my afternoon with a massage on the beach. I laid around for the rest of the day enjoy the sun, beach and relaxation.

Day 3

Gucci scarf, Tom Ford shades, American Apparel romper, Gucci Sandals, Chanel WOC

After breakfast I decide to walk the beach and explore Negril. I met a great tour guild name Leon aka Rappa Jay he took me on a tour to see Royal Palm Reserve and Roaring River Jamaica / Blue Hole. Negril has become my second home, each time I learn more great history about the island and see different attractions.

I want to thank everyone who made this trip a lovely experience.

See ya soon....

This is my first video, I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it!




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