Sunday, August 20, 2017

Why I am selling some of my Chanel Collection?

My spending habits has changed.   I have been challenging myself to achieve different financial goals.   It all started with 30 days no spending, then 60 days no spending.  I became addicted to no spending, the more I saved the more I became obsessed.  After saving $7000 in eight weeks to pay off debt, I knew I could not stop there.  If I could save thousands to pay off debt, now I wanted to  save thousands to build up my investment account.   I have stop spending so much money on  Chanel instead I started selling some unwanted items.   Any items in my collection that is not getting used has to go. 

Every item I sell will be going into an investment account.   Once I had a chance to see how much money I can make off the price of a Chanel handbag I was hooked..  

I am not selling my entire collection but I am on band island for at least  a year.  I am happy to announce that I have not spent any money on Chanel in six months and counting.  Finally getting control of my bad spending habits.  

Checkout out my latest video on my channel. 2017 Chanel Collection Update