Thursday, March 8, 2018

Quick Getaway with my Vintage Louis Vuitton Carryon.

No matter if you are packing for Winter Break, Spring Break, or weekend getaway, it’s easier to pack light.
  • Choose items that can easily transition from day tonight.
  • Limit colors; my choice black, navy and white. Add a pop of color and texture.
  • Hot trend outfit, nothing says trendy at the moment more than a fur jacket and Patent leather pants and Tee.
  • Pack a coordinating two-piece suit, great for quick business meetings or brunch with the girls.
  • Only two pair of shoes and one purse. One pair of boots and pair slides.
  • Nice lounge wear to lounge
  • Small amount of toiletries 

 No need to pack everything but the kitchen sink for you next getaway.  Follow these simple tips and you too can pack light with one carryon and still be stylish.  Not only will you save tons of money  on check bag fees, you will also look stylish and free. ( not having to keep up with and carry unnecessary stuff during your getaway.)
And remember don’t forget to unplug, relax and have fun.