Sunday, April 8, 2018

Spring 2018 MVP’S

Finally spring is here now it’s time to either dust off last year repeats or start searching for new trendy items.  If we must shop don’t forget to shop Garage sales, thrift stores, second hand for vintage items. Adding inexpensive trendy accessories or restyling Items you already own.   Here are 3 Spring 2018 MVP Spring Accessories that wil transition your wardrobe  from Spring to Summer with ease.  

 Sun Visor was everywhere in the 90s everyone was rocking them.  Think of the sun visor as the new hair Accessory add to any outfit and quickly update your look.  Not only are visor stylish it and also save you from bad hair days.
  1. Rare vintage 1940s sun visor made of hemp ( found in Amsterdam)
  2. 1970’s PVC Navy Sun Visor 
  3. Vintage green visor ( found in Nice France)

Fanny Pack/ Belt Bag/ Belt Accessory Whatever you want to call them they’re everywhere.  They are a great addition to a hands free lifestyle.  And will easily get you a custom to carrying less.
  1. Chanel Belt Bag
  2. Vintage Coach fanny pack
  3. Gucci Belt Accessory 

White Footwear is the new black, very versatile and will update any style.
  1. Block heel Mules
  2. Cortez retro sneakers
  3. Sock sneakers