Saturday, February 10, 2018

How to save money shopping for Valentines.

Frugal Valentines

Living frugal or being smart with your money does not mean you have to skip on enjoy Valentines.  Here are a few tips on how to have a great Frugal Valentines.

Let’s start with the flowers,

Shop at your local flower store and super market for cheaper prices. Don’t wait until the last minute, try buying flowers a few days before valentines and even after for deep discounts. The average cost of a dozen roses is $75 I was able to buy this dozen roses for less than $12 by buying early.


The only advice I have is instead of buying that expensive box of heart shaped chocolate, tried buying their favorite candy instead and save money.


Shop for discounts on Groupon and living social. If you start shopping early, you can get 30% off Groupon already low prices. To avoid the crowds book you spa treatments few days before Valentine’s.


Sign up to be a Secret shopper and get to eat at high-end restaurants for free for filling out a survey and answering a few questions. Choose to go out the weekend before to avoid long lines, making reservations and crowds. Make dinner at home, save money, and enjoy spending time together.

Other gifts

After the Christmas Holidays is the best time to stock up on gifts for every occasion at 60%-80% off. Once the sales start get a head start on all your birthday, valentine, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Christmas gifts.

Remember being frugal do not mean cutting out everything. Be frugal just mean getting the most bang for your buck. Choose well spend less.